Hiatus: Moving Again

Covered Wagon

Back in September, I noted that I was moving back to the Midwest after having spent (and spent is the correct term) 6.5 years in Washington, DC. My move was to a temporary sanctuary as I endeavored to plant my roots more firmly in the Hoosier soil. This month, I move again, to a permanent station, and take on the mantle of homeownership.

So, my attention is spent amidst the packing peanuts and cardboard and rental trucks and moving men these days. But worry not, upon my return, I will pick up where I left off. Having recently spent some time in Michigan, I have a trove of travel stories, including:

  • Detroit Found–The Motor City is not as run down as the media tells. Green shoots abound.
  • Grand Rapids–Gerry Ford, Amway and restored cityscapes, not to mention the quacking of the flat Michigander accent sum up all that makes Michigan, well, Michigan.
  • Bigbee Coffee–Lansing’s little coffee shop takes on the big boys, and is worthy of the quaffing.

I also noticed, that since my last hiatus, I have managed to get through only half of my promised compendium. Here are a few more stories to come:

The Arch–Eero Saarinen and St. Louis

Cheyenne Frontier–A quick visit to Wyoming, the Egg and I, and recollections with former Governor Jim Geringer

Archie McPhee and Me–Ever been a “kid in a candy store?” Seattle’s landmark junk shop offers up bacon scented paper, larger than life cockroaches and every bit of junk “made in China” that you don’t need, but can’t live without.

Harbor Walk: San Diego–the ghost ships in the harbor, the USS Midway, and a not-so-bad fish and chips stand.

Rockefeller’s Cleveland–The richest man in history called Cleveland, Ohio home. Yes, Cleveland.

Taliesin West–To understand Frank Lloyd Wright, you really need to visit the places he called home. How a childhood gift of wooden triangles made for America’s most famous architect.

Anyway, I’ll be back in the saddle in a few weeks.

–Henry’s Eclectic.



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