Henry’s Eclectic is a homage–mostly travel, sometimes food, and often the joie de vivre. It is a place where like many, I think out loud, and share what I know generously. Perhaps you will remember a trivial thing here, and it will benefit your future conversations or help you answer a question on Jeopardy! correctly. Maybe you are looking to travel somewhere that I have trod before, and are looking to capture that certain local color. Perhaps you need a laugh, or a cry, or a flight of irony. Or perhaps you are bored. That is okay too.

You will find here a panoply–a splendid display–of the trivial. The best of bloggers say that a blog should focus on one theme–such as politics or prose. Henry’s Eclectic attempts to treat life through the lens of the famed line penned by Eric Roth for Forrest Gump. Trivia, culture, art, food and drink, and travel are like bon-bons. They are trifles and delights. Whether on the road or in your own backyard, take breath, and inhale the world around you. This blog is about the delights of life, the aspirations of an American bon vivant.

Your author is an itinerant policy wonk, who has traveled to more states than years he’s been alive. Whether business or pleasure travel, he has made it a point to remember his destinations by finding ways to set all of his senses with the flavors, vistas, sounds and ambiance of America’s great cities. Before he forgets his experiences, he hopes to share them with you.

Photo credit: CoCreatr  Foter.com / CC BY-SA


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